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April 2017
Finance & Personnel 3-Apr-17 at 6:30pm
Environment 12-Apr-17 at 7:00pm
Annual Assembly 18-Apr-17 at 7.00pm
Ordinary Parish 18-Apr-17 at 8.00pm

May 2017
Annual Parish 15-May-17 at 7:00pm

June 2017
Youth 1-Jun-17 at 7:15pm
Environment 7-Jun-17 at 7:00pm
Finance & Personnel 14-Jun-17 at 6:30pm
Ordinary Parish 19-Jun-17 at 7:00pm

July 2017
Property & Assets 5-Jul-17 at 7:00pm
Youth 12-Jul-17 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 17-Jul-17 at 7:00pm
Environment 19 Jul-17 at 7:00pm

August 2017
Property & Assets 21-Aug-17 at 7:00pm

September 2017
Youth 6-Sep-17 at 7:15pm
Finance & Personnel 7-Sep-17 at 7:30pm
Environment 13-Sep-17 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 18-Sep-17 at 7:00pm

October 2017
Environment 11-Oct-17 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 16-Oct-17 at 7:00pm

November 2017
Finance & Personnel 2-Nov-17 at 7:30pm
Youth 8-Nov-17 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 20-Nov-17 at 7:00pm
Property & Assets 22-Nov-17 at 7:00pm

December 2017
Youth 6-Dec-17 at 7:15pm
Finance & Personnel 7-Dec-17 at 7:30pm
Ordinary Parish 11-Dec-17 at 7:00pm
Environment 13-Dec-17 at 7:15pm

January 2018
Finance & Personnel 4-Jan-18 at 7:30pm (Budget)
Youth 10-Jan-18 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 15-Jan-18 at 7:00pm

February 2018
Ordinary Parish 19-Feb-18 at 7:00pm
Environment 28-Feb-18 at 7:15pm

March 2018
Youth 7-Mar-18 at 7:15pm
Finance & Personnel 8-Mar-18 at 7:30pm
Ordinary Parish 19-Mar-18 at 7:00pm

April 2018

Finance & Personnel 4-Apr-18 at 7:30
Environment 11-Apr-18 at 7:15pm
Annual Assembly 16-Apr-18 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 16-Apr-18 at 8:00pm

May 2018
Annual Parish 21-May-18 at 7:00pm

June 2018
Environment 13-Jun-18 at 7:00pm
Finance & Personnel 14-Jun-18 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 18-Jun-18 at 7:00pm
Youth 27-Jun-18 at 7:15pm

July 2018
Grants 4-Jul-18 at 7:15pm
Property & Assets 11-Jul-18 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 16-Jul-18 at 7:00pm
Youth 25-Jul-18 at 7:15pm

August 2018
Grants 30-Aug-18 at 7:15pm

September 2018
Environment 5-Sep-18 at 7:15pm
Finance & Personnel 10-Sep-18 at 6:30pm
Ordinary Parish 17-Sep-18 at 7:00pm
Youth 26-Sep-18 at 7:15pm

October 2018
Environment 3-Oct-18 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 15-Oct-18 at 7:00pm
Grants 24-Oct-18 at 7:15pm
Environment 31-Oct-18 at 7:15pm (Bonfire)

November 2018
Finance & Personnel 7-Nov-18 at 7:15pm
Property & Assets 14-Nov-18 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 19-Nov-18 at 7:00pm
Youth 28-Nov-18 at 7:15pm

December 2018
Environment 5-Dec-18 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 10-Dec-18 at 7:00pm

January 2019
Finance & Personnel 10-Jan-19 at 7:15pm (Budget)
Grants 16-Jan-19 at 7:15pm
Youth 16-Jan-19 to follow Grants Committee
Ordinary Parish 21-Jan-18 at 7:00pm

February 2019
Environment 6-Feb-19 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 18-Feb-19 at 7:00pm

March 2019
Finance & Personnel 6-Mar-19 at 7:15pm
Property & Assets 13-Mar-19 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 18-Mar-19 at 7:00pm
Youth 27-Mar-19 at 7:15pm

April 2019
Environment 3-Apr-19 at 7:15pm
Grants 10-Apr-19 at 7:15pm
Finance & Personnel 10-Apr-19 to follow Grants meeting
Annual Assembly 15-Apr-19 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 15-Apr-19 at 8:00pm

May 2019
Annual Parish 20-May-19 at 7:00pm
Environment 22-May-19 at 7-15pm

June 2019
Finance & Personnel 12-Jun-19 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 17-Jun-19 at 7:00pm
Youth 24-Jun-19 at 7:15pm
Property & Assets 27-Jun-19 at 7:15pm

July 2019
Environment 10-Jul-19 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 15-Jul-19 at 7:00pm
Extraordinary Parish 22-Jul-19 at 7:00pm
Finance & Personnel 29-Jul-19 at 7:15pm

August 2019
Environment 28-Aug-19 at 7:15pm

September 2019
Finance & Personnel 4-Sep-19 at 7:15pm
Youth 11-Sep-19 at 7:15pm (postponed to October)
Ordinary Parish 16-Sep-19 at 7:00pm
Property & Assets 26-Sep-19 at 7:15pm

October 2019
Ordinary Parish 21-Oct-19 at 7:00pm
Environment 28-Oct-19 at 7:15pm

November 2019
Finance & Personnel 6-Nov-19 at 7:15pm
Youth 13-Nov-19 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 18-Nov-19 at 7:00pm

December 2019
Environment 4-Dec-19 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 9-Dec-19 at 7:00pm

January 2020
Youth 15-Jan-20 at 7:15pm (postponed to March)
Extraordinary Parish 22-Jan-20 at 7:15pm (Part B items only – no public)
Property & Assets 23-Jan-20 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 27-Jan-20 at 7:00pm

February 2020
Ordinary Parish 17-Feb-20 at 7:00pm
Environment 26-Feb-20 at 7:15pm

March 2020
Extraordinary Environment 2-Mar-20 at 7:15pm
Finance & Personnel 4-Mar-20 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 16-Mar-20 at 7:00pm
Extraordinary Finance & Personnel 23-Mar-20 at 7:15pm (Cancelled)
Youth 25-Mar-20 at 7:15pm (Cancelled)

April 2020
Finance & Personnel 8-Apr-20 at 7:15pm (Cancelled)
Annual Assembly 20-Apr-20 at 7:00pm (Cancelled)
Ordinary Parish 20-Apr-20 at 7:00pm (Cancelled)

May 2020
Annual Parish 18-May-20 (Cancelled)

June 2020
Extraordinary Finance & Personnel 15-Jun-20 at 7:00pm
Extraordinary Parish 15-Jun-20 to follow Finance & Personnel
Ordinary Parish 22-Jun-20 at 7:00pm

July 2020
Environment 6-Jul-20 at 7:15pm
Finance & Personnel 13-Jul-20 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 27-Jul-20 at 7:00pm

September 2020
Environment 14-Sep-20 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 28-Sep-20 at 7:00pm

October 2020
Finance & Personnel 12-Oct-20 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 26-Oct-20 at 7:00pm

November 2020
Environment 9-Nov-20 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 23-Nov-20 at 7:00pm

December 2020
Ordinary Parish 14-Dec-20 at 7:00pm

January 2021
Finance & Personnel 4-Jan-21 at 7:15pm (Budget)
Finance & Personnel 18-Jan-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 25-Jan-21 at 7:00pm

February 2021
Environment 8-Feb-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 22-Feb-21 at 7:00pm

March 2021
Finance & Personnel 8-Mar-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 22-Mar-21 at 7:00pm
Environment 29-Mar-21 at 7:15pm

April 2021
Finance & Personnel 19-Apr-21 at 7:15pm
Annual Assembly 26-Apr-21 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 26-Apr-21 to follow Annual Assembly

May 2021
Environment 10-May-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 24-May-21 at 7:00pm

June 2021
Youth 16-Jun-21 at 7:15pm
Annual Assembly 28-Jun-21 at 7:00pm
Ordinary Parish 28-Jun-21 to follow Annual Assembly

July 2021
Finance 12-Jul-21 at 7:15pm
Environment 14-Jul-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 19-Jul-21 at 7:00pm

September 2021
Finance 13-Sep-21 at 7:15pm
Environment 15-Sep-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 20-Sep-21 at 7:00pm

October 2021
Youth 6-Oct-21 at 7:15pm
Finance 11-Oct-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 25-Oct-21 at 7:00pm

November 2021
Environment 10-Nov-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 22-Nov-21 at 7:00pm

December 2021
Youth 8-Dec-21 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 13-Dec-21 at 7:00pm

January 2022
Finance 10-Jan-22 at 7:15pm (Budget)
Finance 17-Jan-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 24-Jan-22 at 7:00pm

February 2022
Environment 9-Feb-22 at 7:15pm
Youth 23-Feb-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 28-Feb-22 at 7:00pm

March 2022
Finance 7-Mar-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 28-Mar-22 at 7:00pm

April 2022
Environment 6-Apr-22 at 7:15pm
Finance 11-Apr-22 at 7:15pm
Youth 20-Apr-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 25-Apr-22 at 7:00pm

May 2022
Environment 11-May-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 23-May-22 at 7:00pm

June 2022
Youth 15-Jun-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 27-Jun-22 at 7:00pm

July 2022
Environment 6-Jul-22 at 7:15pm
Finance 11-Jul 22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 25-Jul-22 at 7:00pm

September 2022
Environment 7-Sep-22 at 7:15pm
Finance 21-Sep-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 26-Sep-22 at 7:00pm

October 2022
Extraordinary Parish – 4-Oct-22 at 7:00pm
Youth 5-Oct-22 at 7:15pm
Finance 10-Oct-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 24-Oct-22 at 7:00pm

November 2022
Environment 9-Nov-22 at 7:15pm
Finance 14-Nov-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 28-Nov-22 at 7:00pm

December 2022
Youth 7-Dec-22 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 12-Dec-22 at 7:00pm

January 2023
Finance 9-Jan-23 at 7:15pm
Finance 16-Jan-23 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 23-Jan-23 at 7:00pm

February 2023
Environment 8-Feb-23 at 7:15pm
Youth 22-Feb-23 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 27-Feb-23 at 7:00pm

March 2023
Finance 6-Mar-23 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 27-Mar-23 at 7:00pm

April 2023
Environment 5-Apr-23 at 7:15pm
Finance 17-Apr-23 at 7:15pm
Youth 19-Apr-23 at 7:15pm
Ordinary Parish 24-Apr-23 at 7:00pm

May 2023
Ordinary Parish 22-May-23 at 7:00pm

June 2023
Finance 19-Jun-23 at 7:15pm
Council 26-Jun-23 at 7:00pm

July 2023
Environment 5-Jul-23 at 7:15pm
Council 24-Jul-23 at 7:00pm

September 2023
Environment 6-Sep-23 at 7:15pm
Finance 11-Sep-23 at 7:15pm
Council 25-Sep-23 at 7:00pm

October 2023
Council 23-Oct-23 at 7:00pm

November 2023
Environment 8-Nov-23 at 7:15pm
Finance 13-Nov-23 at 7:15pm
Council 27-Nov-23 at 7:00pm

December 2023
Council 11-Dec-23 at 7:00pm

January 2024
Finance 8-Jan-24 at 7:15pm
Finance 15-Jan-24 at 7:15pm
Council 22-Jan-24 at 7:00pm

February 2024
Environment 7-Feb-24 at 7:15pm
Council 26-Feb-24 at 7:00pm

March 2024
Finance 11-Mar-24 at 7:15pm
Council 25-Mar-24 at 7:00pm

April 2024 Extraordinary Council 10-Apr-24 at 7:00pm Environment 10-Apr-24 at 7:15pm
Finance 15-Apr-24 at 7:15pm
Council 22-Apr-24 at 7:00pm

May 2024
Council 20-May-24 at 7:00pm

Meetings take place at the Weaverham Community Centre, Russet Road, Weaverham, CW8 3HY.

The Planning Committee meet on alternate Fridays in the Weaverham Community Centre at 9:15am. Please check with the Clerk to confirm the dates.

Please note that members of the public are welcome to attend all the noted meetings and there is an opportunity to ask questions/make comments at the beginning and end of each meeting.

This notice constitutes formal notice of the mentioned meetings.
Parish Clerk.

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